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The creator of Star Wars is a PBL pioneer. Turns out that The George Lucas Educational Foundation encourages project-based learning over the "old-school" approach of No. 2 pencils, heavy textbooks and multiple choice tests.

So next time you launch into a PBL, remember: The Force Is With You!

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We're here as a gathering spot for students and teachers like you: those who have embraced Project Based Learning as an exciting way to learn, engage and grow. ​And to have lots of fun along the way!

Here at the PBL Lounge, there's no charge, no irritating advertisements, just a gathering of those who believe in the value of PBL to our schools and communities.

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Twice a year we post PBL Creation Challenges. As a starting point, we provide an overview/ topic, links to supporting materials, and a PBL Unpacked with suggested criteria. Your challenge is to create an engaging, rubric-anchored project from this starting point, then share it here on the PBL Lounge. Participants will have their work showcased on the Home Page of the PBL Lounge.


Here's a link to the Spring 2017 Challenge. Good Luck!

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