The creator of Star Wars is a PBL pioneer. Turns out that The George Lucas Educational Foundation encourages project-based learning over the "old-school" approach of No. 2 pencils, heavy textbooks and multiple choice tests.

So next time you launch into Deeper Learning, remember: The Force Is With You!

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Know of a great PBL as a starting point for your next project? We've been searching for the best PBLs out there. So if you know of a project that has already been published, Contact us to let us know! 

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We're here as a gathering spot for students and teachers like you: those who have embraced Deeper Learning as an exciting way to learn, engage and grow, and to have fun along the way! 

​Deeper Learning and PBLs are only effective when anchored to formative assessment. Desired outcomes must be intentional from the start. We applaud your commitment to Deeper Learning, and encourage you to visit this site frequently, helping to truly transform education through delivery and measurement of authentic experiences. 

Here at Deeper Learning Pavilion, there's no charge, no irritating advertisements, just a gathering of those who believe in the value of PBLs & PBAs to our schools and communities.  This site is for you, the Deeper Learning practitioner. So go ahead: Post, collaborate and grow projects and assessments!   Read more....

Did You Know?

Twice a year we post Creation Challenges. As a starting point, we provide an overview/ topic, links to supporting materials, and a PBL/PBA Unpacked with suggested criteria. Your challenge is to create an engaging, rubric-anchored Project & Assessment from this starting point, then share it here at the Deeper Learning Pavilion. Participants will have their work showcased on the Home Page. Here's a link to the Current Challenge. Good Luck!

Teachers and Coaches at Isle of Wight County Schools continue to showcase student work. Check out their latest contributions here:

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