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​​Packer Pig Tales is a creative writing project where students wrote stories for a younger audience that spotlighted historical facts about their hometown, Smithfield, VA.

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​​A Colonial Christmas Concert, published January 23, 2018

The Honors Biology students' goal was to encourage the public to make lifelong investments in maintaining the food webs in our local area. By understanding the importance of oysters in the aquatic and terrestrial ecosystems of the Chesapeake Bay and its watershed, they will become better stewards of the oyster and its shell. 

The Bridging the Gap Project paired seniors in high school English with senior citizens at the local nursing home. Students interviewed the residents for historic narratives and created a book that shared those stories and included the students' own reflections on what they learned from the residents about history and life lessons in general. 

Students tracked the benefits of meditation of the teenage brain throughout the month of October. Students began meditating every morning gradually increasing in time. Eventually students meditated for 20 minutes per session. Data supported evidence that meditation decreased stress, anxiety, depression, and symptoms of PTSD, while increasing benefits in sleep, attendance, empathy, compassion, and academic performance.

Bridging the Gap, published February 28, 2018

​​Experiment with Endings, published December 16, 2016

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The Meditation Project, published February 20, 2018

The theme of the project is to build tolerance and compassion for others in a society that needs a voice of inspiration and hope. This project uses the novel "Night" to specifically point out the fact that some can be voices of compassion and tolerance even if others are not.

Hayden's Lane Gets Artsy, published February 2, 2018

Oyster Restoration for the Chesapeake Bay, published February 28, 2018

​​Packer Pig Tales, published February 1, 2017

Students began this project by writing a fictional newspaper article detailing a traffic fatality that they are involved in. Upon completion of this article, students wrote their own eulogy, highlighting their accomplishments in their brief lives.

Voices of Inspiration and Hope for Any Society, published January 28, 2018

Students explored various land uses through hands-on and on-site investigations to determine how the use affects groundwater. 

This project is meant to put into practice multiple modules of instruction for year one thru four for cadets in the JROTC program. Examples are public speaking, first aid, management, planning and communicating in order to execute a major event. Cadets work on different levels to market, plan, track, organize, manage, coordinate and execute multiple high school blood drives. The project links cadets to their community, faculty and students within the high school and allows for direct communication with the American Red Cross.

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​​Advance Placement European History Students learn about the importance of historical legacies through the study of The Reformation Era. 

The CTE program provides benefits to PBLs from K-thru-12th grade by:​​

  • Embracing Career & Technical Education as important for all students, not restricting it to those high-schoolers who are sharpening specific career skills
  • Maximizing the investment in CTE materials & equipment by sharing it for PBLs
  • Extending know-how and involvement of community members, businesses and trades personnel beyond traditional CTEs, into richly designed and executed PBLs

In this project, students created skits about the Greek and Roman contributions and how they made Ancient Greece and Rome a better place to live. They also connected these contributions to how and why they have helped society today.

​​The Legacy Project, published January 17, 2017

​​Speaking of Blood, published January 23, 2018

Oceanographers Adrift, published February 2, 2018

Students design, cost and produce room signs for Westside Elementary School. This is a service project to help a school that most of the participating students have attended.

​​Gone Too Soon, published January 23, 2018

The theme of this project deals with the reasons why people think it is acceptable to negatively label others and the consequences of labeling. The students read short stories and books that focus on how and why people are unfairly labeled. Also, the class took a field trip to the Holocaust Museum in Richmond, VA.

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This project has students explore the operations of museums, seeing how they function, how artifacts are curated, and how visitors are managed. This project helps students learn World History as they connect with the process of museum operations.

​​It Belongs in a Museum, published January 23, 2018

The theme of the project is self-awareness through community awareness. This project is designed to analyze how our community (the people and the history) can shape and inspire our goals and dreams. “I am everyday people.”

Students researched, selected, learned and performed Christmas music of the Colonial era or earlier at the Historic St. Luke's Church in Smithfield, VA. This project helped students connect the music of the past to their local community.

​​Why do so many great works of literature have unhappy endings? In this project, students work collaboratively to deeply understand what makes a story engaging for its audience. Through their in depth analyses of short stories in the literary canon, students explore the components of a short story, with particular emphasis on resolution. To put their learning to the test, students work in a combination of flexible groups to produce a multimedia 'choose your own adventure story,' with the goal of garnering the most support for their story path from an authentic audience. 

​​Making Life Better Since the B.C., published January 23, 2018

​​The Negative Effects of Labeling, published January 23, 2018

In this Latin III class students created stories that would be comprehensible for beginning Latin students. To that end, students needed to use a high number of repetitions of key vocabulary and simplified grammatical situations, while still creating a story that was interesting enough that high school students would wish to read it..

Responsible Land Use, published February 28, 2018

Westside Cutting Edge, published February 2, 2018

Faces of Smithfield, published February 2, 2018

To beautify downtown Smithfield and create more pride in Isle of Wight through painted benches. In this project, students translated the history of Smithfield into visuals on benches.


​​Early Latin Readers, published January 28, 2018

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This is a regional-specific, community-relevant project. Much of the economy (tourism and industry) of the Tidewater area is dependent on the water quality of the Chesapeake Bay. Students need to be aware of their impact on the Chesapeake Bay through, for example, industry, farming, urbanization & resource consumption.

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