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This project encouraged a school wide collaboration as well as built relationships with our community. Students also explored aspects of the fine arts. They learned about why it was important to give back to the community. The 5 C's was a focus with the Holiday Extravaganza as well. 

​​Chesapeake, published February 21, 2017

This project was focused on building community and helping each student realize each person is unique and an important part of the class and together we are beautiful. Students learned about the critique and revision process in order to create beautiful work.

​​In order to discover the life cycles and habitats of a variety of animals students will research and investigate an animal. Students will demonstrate their knowledge of their animal by creating a board game. Why? To: 

  • Broaden students' understanding of animal adaptations
  • Gain an understanding of different habitats
  • Explore nonfiction materials and ways to gather information
  • Continue to practice the importance of critique and creating beautiful work
  • Foster a love of learning on a topic of student interest

​​Students had to research negative impacts to the Chesapeake Bay and propose solutions to improve the environment. 

​​Holiday Extravaganza, published January 3, 2017

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​​Animals Alive, published April 18, 2017

​​Students researched the geographic regions of Virginia and the wildlife indigenous to each region. Students created an interactive regional map of Virginia that other students in the school can utilize.  

S P O T L I G H T   O N   S T E M

Thanks to a local farmer, Isle of Wight County Schools was awarded $10,000 to enhance STEM education for girls, teaching them about robots, coding and engineering. See the Girls Gone Geek story here!

​​Circle of Life, published February 21, 2017

In order to discover the scientific process by connecting students to the environment through gardening. Students will demonstrate their knowledge of the scientific process successfully growing a raised bed garden.  Why:

  • Change attitudes towards learning
  • Gain an understanding of living and nonliving things and how they are interdependent in a system
  • Connect students to the environment
  • Continue to practice the importance of being craftsmen
  • Foster a love of learning on a topic of student interest
  • Discover how seasonal and weather changes affect the environment well

​​Every Quilt Tells a Story, published April 20, 2018

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​​We All Fit In!, published January 23, 2018

Additional resources provided with this PBL:

​​Adaptations Across Virginia, published March 17, 2017

American Reading Company (ARC) was the driving force of this project. Students read, researched, and wrote about an animal. The first graders became “animal experts” over the course of nine weeks. The resource teachers collaborated and designed a project around the animals that the first grade students.... (read more)

This first grade project incorporated the reading genre framework and our citizenship initiative. Students read about family roles and different family stories. The students interviewed their own families about a time that they showed empathy for another human being. Students wrote multiple drafts and gave kind, specific, and helpful feedback to one another.... (read more)

​​Growing2Learn, published January 3, 2017

Through its addition of Instruc​tional Coaches for the 2016-2017 school year, Isle of Wight County Schools has shown its commitment to Project Based Learning. These coaches will be responsible for assisting with the development and mentoring of assigned teachers, providing professional development, and identifying the instructional needs of teachers.  Every school will have at least one coaching position.

"The Instructional Coaches will be instrumental in the implementation of Project Based Learning throughout the division,” said Superintendent Dr. Jim Thornton. “They will assist teachers through modeling, observing and assisting with classroom strategies. I truly believe the coaches are the piece we need to make our vision a reality."

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Additional resources provided with this PBL: