Through My Eyes: Photography & Literacy, added February 6, 2017

Students worked in teams to design a community of the future that minimizes the impact of energy use on the environment.  Students analyzed energy use and debated the costs and benefits of each power source, thinking specifically about California's energy needs and natural resources. While learning about different forms of renewable energy, students worked collaboratively to design, engineer and construct functional prototypes (click thumbnail for more).

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Third Grade students undertook a year-long study of photography, integrating science, literacy, writing, social studies and art. The study culminated in an exhibit for parents, other students and community members. Through My Eyes began and continues to flourish with the support and guidance of Outside the Lens (, a local community arts non-profit.

California Power, added February 6, 2017

This was a collaborative project between 4th and 8th graders. Together, students planted positive seeds of school culture, both literally in the garden and figuratively in the hallways of our new shared school building. We also wrote and shared “Where I’m From” poems as we looked back to where we came from, while continuing our journey growing, together (click thumbnail for more).

Seedfolks, added February 6, 2017

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