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Upper Division students prepared for a talkshow exhibition about the experience of slavery and civil war through various viewpoints. Students were required to compare an aspect of slavery/civil war in America and in a Spanish-speaking country. For more about this project, click the thumbnail or email

Neil Gaiman’s Neverwhere, added February 27, 2017

This project is part of an interdisciplinary group of Holocaust-related projects. What does it mean to Search for Meaning? This study asks students to look deeply into our humanity and come to understand events that are unthinkable. To assist them in their own search for meaning, they engage in a long inquiry that not only includes reading Night, but also poetry, interviews, and films that explore multiple points of view, current and past, about Humanity, Holocaust and Genocide. They are asked to consider: What would you do? How do you find meaning in a world that seems so horrid and unjust? Students were asked to BECOME A WITNESS. For more about this project, click the thumbnail or email

Climate Change, added February 27, 2017

For this large scale project, students transformed City Arts and Technology HS into a multi-media museum dedicated to the memory and lessons of the Holocaust. Each group was responsible for creating and implementing a thematic, historical and relevant exhibit that explores some aspect of genocide and the notion of human choice and responsibility in the face of unimaginable circumstances. For more about this project, click the thumbnail or email

Mythbusters: A Scientific Inquiry Project, added February 27, 2017

​A Correspondence Between History & My Story, added February 27, 2017

The intent of this project was to communicate the relevance that Shakespeare still has in today's modern society. This notion of relevance was taught by using the following three focus areas as foundation: status roles, varying interpretations of Macbeth, and thematic analysis. For more about this project, click the thumbnail or email

As a follow up to an introductory unit on the American Dream, upper division students were asked to assess the role of censorship in American society through a study of banned books in America. Students engaged in reading a banned book, writing a persuasive essay, and participated in a mock trial around issues of censorship. For more about this project, click the thumbnail or email

This project is a variation on the classic scientific inquiry or science fair type of assignment. Instead of choosing a formal scientific question, students choose a myth to prove or disprove using scientific and problem solving means. The myth can be an urban or fairy tale type of myth or something the students may have seen in a movie (ie., could that really happen?). Or the myth can be a fun scientific question that can be investigated. The catch is that they have to follow the same process used in the Discovery Channel's popular Mythbusters show and the myth cannot already have been used or tested on the show. For more about this project, click the thumbnail or email

"Project Envision Schools (ES) is a nonprofit charter management organization headquartered in the San Francisco Bay Area that operates innovative college-preparatory high schools that educate diverse student bodies, especially First Generation College Bound (FGCB) youth. Envision is achieving outstanding results with a student body that is 53% African American or Hispanic/Latino, 52% qualified for Free and Reduced Lunch, and 50% FGCB. Envision schools use an innovative prize-winning education model with a project-based curriculum in which art and technology are integral to engage students in learning. Envision Schools believes that all students, regardless of their race, ethnicity or economic background, are entitled to attend high schools that prepare them for college success and democratic citizenship in the 21st Century."

In this project, students generated their own questions about the history of South Africa. These questions guided the activities and smaller projects leading up to the culminating exhibition, where students researched and presented their answer to their question in a Powerpoint presentation. For more about this project, click the thumbnail or email

This project is part of an interdisciplinary group of Holocaust-related projects. It allows students to plan a trip around the globe using surface transportation, investigate global climate and natural resources, perform cultural observations, and propose the creaton of a small buiness in a country to which they travel. Students were asked to share their 'testimony' and tell the story of their understandings by producing a book or 'chest' creatively filled with a collection of reflective and creative writing, artwork and artifacts that an audience can touch and feel. For more about this project, click the thumbnail or email

​The Search for Meaning - A Holocaust Project, added February 27, 2017

Students explored the founding stories of Ancient Greek Mythology in small groups after 2 weeks of introductory investigation of Ancient Greek culture, language, etc. Using benchmarks relating to reading comprehension, literary analysis and connections to modern evil, students demonstrated their understanding of the stories. Students were asked to select a creative product from a menu of four choices that they were to complete in the small groups and present to an audience. For more about this project, click the thumbnail or email

California, Who are You? added February 27, 2017

This project is an exploration of climate and weather, the factors that lead to climate change, how industrialization has affected climate, and how countries are responding to climate concerns and industrial development. Students study energy transfer and biomes in science, and look at the history of industrialization in specific developed and developing countries. For more about this project, click the thumbnail or email

Comparatively Speaking, added February 27, 2017

Can We Overcome Racism? added February 27, 2017

H I G H   S C H O O L  -  Displayed by Date Published

Metaphor Machines, added February 27, 2017

Revolution is when a stick is stuck into the spinning spokes of the wheel of a society. This project explores, through artistic expression, the connections between changes both physical and social, through the lens of every class available. Each function of the Metaphor Machine is bound by a principle that exists in the physical world, which is then figuratively connected by student analysis and imagination, to an aspect of the chosen revolution. For more about this project, click the thumbnail or email

Banned in America!!! added February 27, 2017

Macbeth, added February 27, 2017

Holocaust and Genocide Exhibition, added February 27, 2017


This project is an adaption of the culminating assessment for the 9-week Interactive Mathematics Program's Meadows or Malls unit. It asks students to use matrices and linear algebra to develop a recommendation for the mayor of San Francisco of how to best use 550 acres of donated land for either recreation or development. Recommendations must adhere to constraints and improvement costs given by the city council for each type of land use. For more about this project, click the thumbnail or email

Students explored different issues affecting California's geology and environment through a group inquiry project. In lieu of writing an essay, students translated the essay format into a script for a Public Service Announcement (PSA), and then students worked to find and create images for the PSA after a discussion around persuasive tactics. For more about this project, click the thumbnail or email

Mythology Mastery, added February 27, 2017

Greenbacks or Greenspace? added February 27, 2017

This project is part of an interdisciplinary group. Thoreau once said that "Not until we are lost, do we begin to find ourselves." During this unit students became imersed in the world of Neverwhere... of London Above...and of London Below. For more about this project, click the thumbnail or email