​​​​Launching a new PBL doesn't mean crafting it from scratch. Here at the PBL Lounge, we provide our learning community with two great ways to locate and review successfully completed PBLs:

  • Search the world of PBLs by clicking on the compass below, then specifying Wants & Needs that represent the project you are looking to conduct, or

  • Browse the PBL Lounge Repository by clicking on the district links below.

With the PBL Lounge, there is a world of projects waiting for you to discover, consider, then potentially reshape into an experience that uniquely satisfies your Wants & Needs!

Districts/Institutions Listed Alphabetically


Auburn School, ME 


ConnectEd, CA

Discovery Day Academy, FL

Envision Schools, CA

Expeditionary Learning, NY 


High Tech High, CA


Isle of Wight, VA

More coming each week!

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Now you can use this SmartSearch tool to view Projects & Assessments that are highly aligned with your criteria. It's free to use, and an amazing time saver for narrowing down projects most relevant to your instructional goals.  

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