​​​Deeper Learning Pavilionis set to launch Fall 2017!

Click the compass above to start exploring the world of Deeper Learning. Read the overview below to discover why Deeper Learning Pavilion is about to become your most visited K-12 site!

Content used to be King, but in a 21st century world, content must not only be digital and digestible—it is critical that it be accessed though and incorporated as an integral part of the Five Cs. Contemporary education is shifting from an emphasis on knowledge acquisition for its own sake to an understanding of ideas and processes that learners can use and apply flexibly and autonomously (McTighe, Teaching for Understanding). Yet, the delivery of content and its alignment with Deeper Learning is in its infancy when compared to the delivery of other digital content in today’s world. 

Schools need to catch up quickly. State Departments of Education are demanding that authenticity is demonstrated—that curricula outcomes go beyond internalization of knowledge and skills. Deeper Learning can no longer be dismissed as a "trend." Unlike incremental changes of recent years, Deeper Learning has been vetted as more than another "good idea" for K-12 adoption. Today, educators must show that students apply areas of knowledge within context of the Five Cs.  For advancement and graduation, students must master application within authentic environments. 

This imperative is the crux of Deeper Learning Pavilion. To re-imagine K-12 education, what is needed is Smart Technology that allows educators to explore and discover based on their wants and needs—accessing organic content that is:

1) Teacher created

2) Educator vetted

3) Non-proprietary

Essentially, by teachers for teachers. Through such a ground-up, grassroots effort of content creation and validation, educators can not only craft and share what they care about, but produce content that increasingly demanding State Standards require.  

To achieve this holistic nirvana, digitized content must become more than simply accessible; rather, it must reflect stated intentions, be delineated by level of importance, and delivered at point of need.  But today’s search technology uses a reductive approach—dropping content inventories to zero matches within a few clicks—and is not capable of delivering holistic results. To be effective, search technology must respond to intended learning outcomes, not an all-or-nothing reduction. The challenge becomes how to serve up content that is aligned with Deeper Learning—in a way that behaves more like a knowledgeable Virtual Coach than a rigid filter. Within this site, you can find, contribute and expand Deeper Learning strategies, assessments and more. Currently, no other technology helps make Deeper Learning, along with its benefits, accessible to all, based on each practitioner's pedagogical goals. 

In coming months, more will appear on this Deeper Learning Pavilion Home Page, including:

1) Performance Tasks

2) Deeper Learning Strategies

Additionally, PBA Cafe will provide outcome-based, formative assessments for authentic projects and performance tasks. We look forward to having you join of community of practitioners!

Project Based Learning is exemplary for ensuring Deeper Learning occurs; to that end, PBL Lounge already is up-and-running, offering you unprecedented access to organically-grown projects. PBL Lounge provides the repository of vetted PBLs, the alignment with learning outcomes, and the knowledge-and-skill scaffolding via publically available, esteemed resources (such as Library of Congress, Smithsonian, NASA, TED Talks and others). 

​​​Soon you can settle into PBA Cafe!


​Deeper Learning and PBLs are only effective when anchored to formative assessment. Desired outcomes must be intentional from the start. PBA Cafe provides you, the Deeper Learning practitioner, the ability to post, collaborate and grow assessments. The Cafe is organic, which is to say content found here is by practitioners and thought leaders, for practitioners everywhere!

In coming months,
PBA Cafe will open, at no charge to you. We applaud your commitment to Deeper Learning, and encourage you to visit this site frequently, helping education to truly transform through measurement of authentic experiences.

PBA Cafe

PBL Lounge

PBL Lounge

Soon you will able to access

Performance Tasks

Deeper Learning Strategies

Formative Assessments 

and more, all based on your Wants & Needs!

NOW you are able to zero-in on PBLs with your criteria by clicking the SmartSearch compass:

​​​Welcome to PBL Lounge!


We're here as a gathering spot for students and teachers like you: those who have embraced Project Based Learning as an exciting way to learn, engage and grow. ​And to have lots of fun along the way!

Here at PBL Lounge, there's no charge, no irritating advertisements, just a gathering of those who believe in the value of PBL to our schools and communities.

Our mission is to enable a professional learning network for PBL, whereby practitioners—beyond being authors of teacher-developed, organic content—become consumers and valuators of a barrier-free repository for rich PBL content!

Hallmarks of the solution include:

1) Repository of PBLs, populated, shared and vetted by practitioners.

2) PBL intentions-based search, focused on bringing the Five C's of Deeper Learning to the forefront, infused into curricula requirements and authentic context—including support material from thought leaders in education, to assist practitioners in implementing Deeper Learning within projects and other authentic experiences.

3) Community of interest centered on Deeper Learning strategies, advances and success stories, anchored in Project Based Learning.

Artificial Intelligence access to this richly-developed freeware enhances PBL Lounge experience, in that for each PBL returned by the search, educator support material is provided, directly tied to the chosen Wants & Needs. Through PBL Lounge, educators are connected with colleague-created content that they can then sculpt anew, allowing their students to research, analyze, create, take apart, put back together, and place into action.