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Unpacking — Student and teacher reflection is integral to PBLs; the unpacking process provides that reflection in a focused way. Students and teachers reflect on what they learned, how learning has been applied in the authentic world, and what—if anything—they might do differently given the opportunity for a do-over. Importantly, the unpacking process is natural to the PBL process, therefore value derived is intrinsic to the process rather than an extra step or yet another “To Do” for teachers. 

Designing — Teachers that have “unpacked” their PBLs have observed that the unpacking tool is not only a Reflection tool, but a great resource for Designing PBLs on the front end. Consider criteria contained in the tool to expand and enhance your core PBL concept. 

Capturing Institutional Memory — Administrators have observed that the PBL Lounge is valuable for retaining institutional memory. The repository provides an archive of great work done at your school, preserved for other teachers within your district, guiding them on how to model or repeat the successes you have had with PBLs. Help your school reap the benefits of your success again and again!

Discovering — As teachers continue to contribute to the PBL repository, it becomes an invaluable resource for finding PBL ideas for your school. And as you post PBLs, you contribute to that community of interest.

Searching — As more PBLs are “unpacked” and posted, you will soon be able to search against thousands of PBLs based on specific criteria you are seeking, including driving questions, nature of authentic connections, duration of projects, issues addressed, CTEs and more!

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Marketing — The PBL Lounge is a great way of showing parents, community leaders, foundations and colleagues from around the world how you are contributing to learning, both within your school and as a resource for others globally. Whether your school is public, private or a charter school, be sure to leverage the PBL Lounge to shine the spotlight on your PBL activities, to exemplify the rigor of your academic performance, as well as to share the excitement that you bring to learning. 

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  • And where you search and find state-of-the-art advancements in Project Based Learning.